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Book Review: JavaScript Phrasebook

Up until recently, most of my JavaScript work has been fairly minimal. Most javascript form validation is dealt with by cfform, and the main other uses have been for simple things like pop-ups. There's been a few more complex development tasks, but nothing of considerable scale.

Recently though, I've started looking at the new Ajax functionality with coldfusion 8. Although a lot of this is already in place out of the box, I realised that I needed to brush up on things.

I already own JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, and a few other JavaScript books: Javascript in Easy Steps, and Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax. Worryingly though, the easy steps book is the only one I ever refer to. Too often, I spend ages looking for a particular technique on the internet such as event bubbling.

Initially I was going to go for the JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, but I couldn't find it in any of the shops. I did how-ever come across the JavaScript Phrasebook, which was a fraction of the price and seemed to focus on the main points.

It only took an hour to skim read the whole book, but it seems to cover everything I need just now. Solutions are short and to the point, but provide enough information to get the job done. It also covers browser differences.

I haven't used this book in anger yet, but I do believe it will be a good purchase.

Author Christian Wenz
Publisher Developer's Library  (August 2007)
ISBN 0672328801
Rating 8/10

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Steve 'Cutter' Blades's Gravatar If you've been looking at the CF 8 Ajax tools, then you should deep dive the Ext 1.1 API ( After you get frustrated some more, with Adobe's first round implementation, you should check out the latest version of Ext. "Learning Ext JS" (PackT Publishing) can give you the ins and outs, and most of it will still apply when 3.0 is released.
# Posted By Steve 'Cutter' Blades | 29/04/09 15:45
gareth's Gravatar Hi Steve,

I'm 3 chapters into the book already :)
So far, so good! Look out for a review in a few weeks.
# Posted By gareth | 29/04/09 17:52
Steve 'Cutter' Blades's Gravatar @gareth,

Sounds great! Hope you enjoy the book, and I look forward to your review. If you have any questions feel free to ping me.
# Posted By Steve 'Cutter' Blades | 07/05/09 20:54
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