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Book Review: How to Start and run an Internet Business

10 years ago, there were barely any books on building websites, let alone running an internet business.

Back then, as a veteran of the first bubble, I witnessed directors insisting that the Internet was a totally new way of doing business. Many people believed this, and the bubble grew. Eventually though, people started looking at a very old business element - profit - and it soon became apparent that age-old business rules still applied...

How to Start and Run an Internet Business, is a one of several books that have come out recently, aimed at the business side of the Internet rather than the technical side. It is basically a start-up guide for the budding Internet entepreneur, with chapters on the various factors involved, such as funding, legal issues and marketing.

The majority of information is on running the business, and this information could apply to just about any business. Most of it is common sense such as good customer service, and monitoring competitors. It does feel as if this is just a guide to running a business, with a slight internet slant thrown in.

As someone who has worked in the industry for almost 10 years, I didn't find much that I wasn't already aware of. While it is fairly comprehensive in covering all the main topics, I would recommend getting a dedicated book for topics such as SEO.

The chapter I found most interesting was the last, where it talks about making profit online. This explores the fact that the internet is a unique business opportunity, and shows how you can make money through content websites, promoting products, or even ebay.

If you already work in the internet industry, then there is unlikely to be much you don't know here. If you're looking to start an internet business, I would recommend it as an introduction to what's involved - you can skip the general business sections if you already have the experience.

Author Carol Anne Strange
Publisher How To Books Ltd (Jul 2007)
ISBN 978 1 84528 202 8
Rating 6/10

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