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coldfusion 64-bit - doesn't support standard edition

I've been running a Windows 2003 64-bit server for almost a year now. When I bought it, it didn't actually occur to me that coldfusion wouldn't support this. As it was, it was easy enough to get coldfusion 7 standard running with a little help from Ben's blog entry.

I've always assumed though that there must be some performance loss with this method. I therefore looked forward to the 64 bit support promised with coldfusion 8

The 64-bit windows support didn't come out until the recently released 801 updater. I bought an upgrade license, figured out how to get IIS back into 64-bit mode and installed coldfusion 801. All seemed to be ok, until I noticed coldfusion was running developer edition!

After some panicking, re-starting and re-installing, I eventually found out that coldfusion 8 Standard doesn't support 64-bit. I'm presuming there's no technical reason for this. The marketing genius at Adobe who came up with this licensing model, really needs to think again about this.

While I can see the reasoning behind the Enterprise Edition being for high-performance servers, determining this by 64 or 32 bit processors is a bit strange. A really fast multi-processor 32bit server will easily out-perform a crappy 64bit one.

I'm back running coldfusion 8 on IIS-32bit mode. It just seems such a shame I can't take advantage of the extra performance.

Jeff Self's Gravatar Welcome to the world of commercial software!
# Posted By Jeff Self | 29/04/09 14:21
gareth's Gravatar I've been hit with this another few times since I first blogged this. I don't think you can buy 32-bit hosting anymore!

I hope Adobe get their act together for licensing CF9 when it comes out. Not only does the 32-bit restriction affect most people, but the 2-CPU limit affects a lot of VPSs. You could have a bottom of the range VPS, but it runs on 8-cpus, requiring 4 CF licenses!
# Posted By gareth | 29/04/09 15:03
Jordan's Gravatar Thankfully, the per-CPU license considers a multi-core CPU as one CPU. That way, you can run a dual quad-core system, and still comply the the two-CPU license. On the system level, you may see "8 CPU's", but those are actually 8 cores, and not physical CPU's. I know... it's incredibly confusing. Try wading through the mountain of Microsoft SPLA licensing and see if you can make heads or tails of it. It's even *better* then Adobe's licensing!

<plug>OpenBD and Railo can both be run in 64-bit systems.</plug> =D
# Posted By Jordan | 29/04/09 17:53
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