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Google Chrome - First Thoughts

I've been using Google Chrome for a few days now.

First experiences have been quite good:

  • It hasn't crashed on me yet.
  • Flash ads on yahoo mail don't max out the processor
  • I really like the homepage thing that shows snapshots of your most popular pages.
  • The added functionality in the address bar is powerful, yet intuitive.
  • I haven't found any rendering problems with existing sites yet.

I remain to be convinced on the skin, although I'd imagine plugins will start appearing soon for it. I also missed the homepage button until I realised it was an option you had to turn on.

The big downside though is the lack of a 'print preview' facility. Until Google add this feature, I'll still be using other browsers.

Overall though, I've been quietly impressed. If only Microsoft would give up on Internet explorer and concede to the other browsers. I'd be a happier developer then :)

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