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SQL Injection Attack going around

I would imagine that most developers are already aware of this by now, but for those who haven't heard, there's a nasty sql injection attack going around. Details are here and you'll find plenty more on google:


Browser Bugs in IIS Logs

I spent several hours today wading through IIS access logs. Not the most fun part to my job, but sometimes necessary. During the course of it though, I found a subtle difference with the way clients (browsers) pass the information that goes into these logs. Hopefully it will be of use to someone else.


Developer, Project Management and Sales Jobs in Coventry

A digital solutions company I've recently being doing work for in Coventry are on a requirement drive just now.


Book Review: AdvancED DOM Scripting

The last few years have seen a huge shift towards building Rich Internet Applications, with technologies such as AJAX and DOM scripting to the fore. Unfortunately, the web is littered with bad examples. This book shows you how to do it properly.


How to tweak IIS to improve your coldfusion sites' performance

Following on from yesterday's review of High Performance Web Sites, I had a quick go with YSlow, to see where I could optimise this site.

The starting point was a respectable score of C(71) for the home-page. The first rule that didn't score well was number 2: Use a Content Delivery Network. A CDN is over-kill for a blog, so that left me looking at the following rules 3 (Add Expires Header), 4 (Gzip components) and 13 (Configure Etags).


Book Review: High Performance Web Sites

When a website is running slow, the traditional response has been to look at optimising the application code. In fact, 90% of the response time is taken downloading and rendering the page and it's constituent elements. In the book High Performance Web Sites, Steve Souders describes 14 rules for improving front-end performance.


Book Review: Trac and Subversion

I've been using subversion (svn) for several years now, and love it. I'm relativiely new to Trac though, and it was only on a recent contract that I got to try it.

From my brief experience with Trac, it's obvious that (like many other good software applications) it can be used in many different ways. However, sometimes you can miss out on the better ways to do things and conventions. I bought this book, as I wanted to see how Trac is normally used.


Book Review: How to Start and run an Internet Business

10 years ago, there were barely any books on building websites, let alone running an internet business.

Back then, as a veteran of the first bubble, I witnessed directors insisting that the Internet was a totally new way of doing business. Many people believed this, and the bubble grew. Eventually though, people started looking at a very old business element - profit - and it soon became apparent that age-old business rules still applied...


Book Review: JavaScript Phrasebook

Up until recently, most of my JavaScript work has been fairly minimal. Most javascript form validation is dealt with by cfform, and the main other uses have been for simple things like pop-ups. There's been a few more complex development tasks, but nothing of considerable scale.

Recently though, I've started looking at the new Ajax functionality with coldfusion 8. Although a lot of this is already in place out of the box, I realised that I needed to brush up on things.


coldfusion 64-bit - doesn't support standard edition

I've been running a Windows 2003 64-bit server for almost a year now. When I bought it, it didn't actually occur to me that coldfusion wouldn't support this. As it was, it was easy enough to get coldfusion 7 standard running with a little help from Ben's blog entry.

I've always assumed though that there must be some performance loss with this method. I therefore looked forward to the 64 bit support promised with coldfusion 8


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