Technologies we use:

  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • Flash + Actionscript
  • AJAX
  • MS SQL + MySQL Databases
  • Model-Glue Unity (MGU)
  • Reactor
  • Fusebox


Website and Web-Application Development

No matter how big or small your website, we have a solution for you. We've experience in almost every type of site out there, and love to break new ground.

Our focus is always on systems that the client can maintain themselves. All our websites have their own administration area, where the client can change content, monitor orders, track statistics or perform any other maintenance specific to the application. All of this is available 24-7, so you can always keep your site current.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

In partnership with the Irish company esus, we have developed a ground-breaking CMS product.

Ths focus has always been on usability, and the CMS is incredibily easy for people to use. At the same time, it versions all page changes, so there's no danger of breaking a site.

The CMS already has many installations, from small company websites, to massive blue-chips like Pfizer and Pepsi. Ask us about it today!


Whether you want analysis of your current website, performance tuning, or even just bugs fixed, we can apply our experience to your project. We specialise in ColdFusion, but can help with any internet based problem.


If your company needs additional resources, let us know. We can come and work on your ColdFusion or Flash projects, without the high fees charged by agencies.

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